the future tense team


Founder and Managing Partner

 Tyler works with leadership teams to identify and action risks and opportunities in changing markets.   He serves as an advisor to multiple startups across the cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and physical security domains, and  regularly advises on R&D, S&T, M&A and strategy initiatives across DHS, DoD, the IC and Fortune 500 organizations 



A founding partner at Future Tense, TJ is a growth catalyst. Bringing experience from In-Q-Tel, DoD, and multiple startups to bear, he works with clients to drive ideation and integration. Extensive experience across government and security markets, he helps teams build and implement strategic plans.



 A founding partner at Future Tense,  Ernie brings deep experience from corporate and government leadership positions. Ernie serves on multiple corporate boards, is an expert in corporate governance, team development, and brings nearly 20 years of Special Operations leadership to bear for clients. 


Senior Advisor

A senior advisor to Future Tense and founder of Pallas, Tony was most recently the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Previously, Tony served as Chief of Staff to the Director of the DIA, Strategic Advisor to the Commander of ISAF in Afghanistan. Tony works with teams to provide structure and alignment to strategic processes and teams. 



Senior Associate

Bill works with clients across the financial services, marketing, hospitality and security industries. He works with clients to identify root causes and rapidly develops strategies to address barriers to growth or market entry. An expert facilitator, Bill leads client workshops to define problems, identify opportunities, and drive alignment for teams to implement. 


Senior Advisor

A senior advisor to Future Tense, Malcolm brings his experience as a Major General in the Army to bear for clients facing leader development, communications, and crisis management. A regular public speaker and expert facilitator, he works with leaders to build strong teams, maneuver through challenges, and build foundations for continued growth and innovation. 

Why Future tense?

Our Passion

We live to solve hard problems.  With experience across Fortune 100, Government Agencies, Consulting Firms and the Military - we seek out challenges, and work with our clients to solve them.  

Our Approach


We take the complexity out of consulting and work with teams to turn ideas into reality. We provide clear and actionable recommendations and strategies to help our clients realize their visions. 

The Future Tense Difference


You know your industry and your business, we know how to unlock your potential. We've got the expertise to not only help you make decisions, but to scale them.